5 Metal packed days for young Metal-Heads ages 12-19.

Clinics, Jams, Lessons, Motivation and a Live Show!

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Feel Your Guitar Playing Is Not Going Anywhere?

Tired Of Picking Up Single Licks From 100's of You Tube Vids?

Could You Use Direction And Support In Getting Over The Hump?

Use Mike's Real Life Experience To Tie It All Together!

Mike's Guitar Videos Surpassed 3,000,000 Views On You Tube

And Have Helped Thousands Of Guitarists

Now, Get Awesome Results With Metal Mike In Your Own Home 

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We let Mike's actual students do the talking ...

"Having Metal Mike as a mentor has enhanced my playing ability drastically! He was able to point out my errors immediately and teach me techniques like no other guitarist I have ever met." From: Tony G., NJ

"Mike helped me unlock my playing potential to a whole new level by showing me awesome licks, riffs and usable theory. There is no substitute for seeking face-to-face instruction from a world class player who has recorded and toured the globe with the all time greats." From: Alex H., NJ

"Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Already writing riffs that are inspiring me again!" From: Chris W., England

"Mike's instruction is a perfect blend of classic training and real world experience." From: Charles A., MD

"Being in a band setting and later sharing the stage with Metal Mike at Metal Heroes was a unique and memorable experience. It was a privilege to practice and perform music with one of the top metal musicians and I highly recommend it."
From: Oleg L., NJ

"Our 8 year old metal shredder was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be a part of two performance groups with Metal Mike. He was a great and very patient teacher. He was very encouraging and never critical. His style and kind personality really made it fun and kept the kids' passion going. We will definitely be a part of another group if the opportunity presents itself again." From: Kerrie O., NJ

"These Metal-Heads could not have asked for a more inspirational mentor - the camp was a great experience for our kids, and we could not have put them in better hands than yours, Metal Mike! Thank you so much for a great job in leading our next Metal generation, providing them with your insight and experience in the heavy metal music industry and inspiring them to rock!" From: Rob S., NY

"Thank you so much for putting this camp together. Mike had a great time with his fellow metal heads and loved learning how to do some of your riffs. Your passion for the genre shows not just in your playing, which is incredible, but also in the way you pass it along." From: Karen P., PA

 "One quick lesson with Mike has doubled my picking speed." - Ben S., NJ

"You are a great inspiration and a source of knowledge." - Sebastian S., Argentina

"Very impressive. In just 3 days with Metal Mike, I saw real growth in Oliver's musicianship. Imagine what could be accomplished in a full week. Such great talent!" - Timothy B., MA

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