Announcing: Metal Mike's Metal Heroes Summer Camp - August 22-26, 2016

Bigger. Better. Louder!

I am so excited to welcome you to our third Metal Heroes Summer Camp 2016!

Not only we are rocking a new location this year, but this will be the best Metal Heroes camp, yet!

Metal Heroes Summer Camp is designed to teach, motivate and inspire young metal-heads ages 12-20. All rock band instruments are welcome focusing on Guitar, Bass, Drums and Vocals. I hope you will join me on this 100% full-on metal journey.

I have always wanted to share the lessons from my tour and music experiences with younger metal-heads and I’m really looking forward to open up the metal vault with you on so many levels and help you sharpen your skills to metal ninja perfection.

While helping you with individual tasks, we’ll also learn how to make amazing progress when rehearsing with a band to talking about any musical challenges that you might face. I can guarantee this will be incredibly fun and you will learn a lot, too.

You also will get some great inside info on how the music business works, how to work well with others, all the while you fully immerse yourself in the music of the metal gods. We’ll be jamming together, hanging out together and everyone will get a chance to ask their questions and get plenty of one-on-one playing tips.

Continuing the tradition of great, inspiring visiting music mentors and industry pros, we have some very special guests in tow this year. You will not want to miss this. And, of course, get ready to hear countless tour stories which more than likely involve your favorite rockers.

We’ll close out the camp with a superb metal concert in front of your family and friends that will feature classic as well as current metal anthems.

So, if spending nearly a week at a beautiful resort like location while immersing yourself in all things metal sounds good to you – then let’s rock! This is for you.

Metal For Life!

Metal Mike

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 New Metal Mike Workshops Coming in 2016

Thanks to all who came out in 2015.

 Keep your eye out on all of the up-coming Metal For Life guitar workshop dates in 2016. Each location usually has a private lesson opportunity with Mike prior to each event. Contact us to find out more or to reserve a spot. Lesson rates are set to give you a great value and teach you a ton of new ideas on your instrument. Contact us HERE


Metal Mike Joins Axes and Anchors Cruise Line-Up 

The 1st Ever Guitar Dominated Rock Cruise

I am honored to join Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Michael Schenker and other guitar gods on the amazing Axes and Anchors guitar cruise. I'm looking forward to spending time with you all and talking metal guitar 24/7!

Metal Mike will conduct 3 hour long metal guitar workshops on the ship! Find out more HERE

Sailing from Miami, February 20-24, 2016 | 5 days, 4 nights | countless performances, workshops and rock craziness!


Special Metal Heroes Guitar Clinic and Showcase in New Jersey

                                           Jersey Shore Guitar Show - Sunday, October 11.

Come out and rock, check out vendors and our very own Metal Heroes booth.

Plus, an opportunity for an awesome guitar lesson with me day of show.

30 minute spots at only $50.00 each. Few are available and are first come, first serve.

Be my VIP. A very limited amount of VIP packages are also available for $85.00.

VIP status gets you in so you can hang with me while I sound check for the clinic. You will also get a 30 minute private lesson, a chance to ask about my gear, playing and much more. All VIPs receive a free D'addario guitar string set as well as Metal Heroes Carry Bag.

*All Lesson and VIP buyers still need to purchase a show entrance at $10.00

E-mail us to reserve your spot today:



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 Are You Ready To Eat, Sleep And Breathe Metal This Summer?

 Join Us For A Week Long Sleep-Away Metal Camp for Young Rockers!


An incredible 5 music packed days for young metal-heads ages 12-19 is what brings rockers from all over US to this annual camp. Students engulf themselves in all things metal while learning and studying the music of the metal gods with Metal Mike and staff of hand picked instructors and guests. Students work towards a grand finale which is a live metal concert with lights and blistering sound in front of their family and friends.

Live and breathe metal with us at this year's camp! August 24-28, 2015 |  Price: $1399.00

Click HERE to check out our 2015 activity schedule and don't wait!


"These Metal-Heads could not have asked for a more inspirational mentor - the camp was a great experience for our kids, and we could not have put them in better hands than yours, Metal Mike! Thank you so much for a great by job in leading our next Metal generation, providing them with by your insight and experience in the heavy metal music industry and inspiring them to rock!" ... Rob S., NY

 Thank you so much for putting this camp together. Mike had a great time with his fellow metal heads and loved learning how to do some of your riffs. Your passion for the genre shows not just in your playing, which is incredible, but also in the way you pass it along." ... Karen P., PA

Read About Metal Heroes Summer Camp in the May 2015 issue of GUITAR WORLD





Sharpen Your Skills at Metal Mike's North Jersey Metal Guitar Workshop 

Next Date: TBA

Workshop Focus:TBA

Metal Mike Chlasciak, Guitar World columnist and lead guitarist for The Metal God - Rob Halford, has launched a monthly metal guitar workshop that will meet once a month in Northern New Jersey.

Each month, The North Jersey Metal Guitar Workshop focuses on a specific aspect of heavy metal guitar playing. Each session is based on laid-back open forum group environment where all students get plenty of one on one attention. Providing a platform for players to meet new metal guitar fans just like them, North Jersey Metal Guitar Workshop provides a great new opportunity for those who lead a busy lifestyle.

In regards to the mission of the new venture, Metal Mike shares his enthusiasm: “The reason I started the North Jersey Metal Guitar Workshop is that there are many guitarists who have full time jobs, families or are full time students, yet would still like to play and pursue their passion for playing metal guitar. They don’t have time to take lessons every week or join a band, but love to play in their free time. Personally, I love to be able to provide some great playing tips and an environment for these players because they really treasure the time they have with the instrument.”

To get more info:   


 Supercharge Your Playing Quick with Metal Mike

Introducing 8 or 4 Hour Intensive Guitar Study Packages

This special program is designed for guitar students who prefer to drive in or fly in for a concentrated amount of material. Most players that take this route already have been playing for some time, but are looking for a correct roadmap or need questions answered before they can keep going at their own pace. These lessons take place over a span of 1 or 2 days and most students prefer weekends, although week days are also available.

How does it work? You get an initial Skype consultation followed by Metal Mike's detailed preparation of a plan of attack to be tackled during the intensive. Each day consists of two 2 hour blocks with lunch in-between resulting in 4 hours per day of one on one instruction with Mike. For example, if you choose the 2 day course you will get 8 hours of total instruction. If you choose the one day course, you will get 4 hours of total instruction. Your take home materials include lesson notes and tablature plus video.

This program is available year round. Students are responsible for their own travel and lodging. We have a list of great nearby hotels next to the studio where the instruction takes place. Newark International Airport is only 35 minutes away. Located in Northern New Jersey, we are also only 15 minutes away from Manhattan, NY. In most cases we can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel prior and at the end of each session. Of course, if you are local, you can simply return home and meet Mike at the studio the following day.  Price for 2 Day Intensive: $999.00. Price for 1 day Intensive: $499.00

If you would like to book, check our schedule or have any questions, please contact us at:

"Very impressive. In just a few days with Metal Mike, I saw real growth in Oliver's musicianship. Imagine what could be accomplished in a full week. Such great talent!" ... Timothy B., MA


Metal Mike offers Skype metal guitar lessons to students across the world. This medium is perfect for rockers who live too far to attend Mike's workshops, have no time to commute or simply want to get a new perspective on their playing. Many find out that after watching a hundred of You Tube videos they are still struggling with various aspects of their playing. There is simply no substitute for an instruction with a mentor that has true and tried world experience.

Mike's guitar videos surpassed 3,000,000 views on You Tube and have already helped thousands of guitarists, but to make some serious progress you should consider a personalized action plan where Mike will plan out and overlook your progress. Price: $50.00 for 30 minutes.

Use Mike's Real Life Experience To Tie It All Together.

As Seen In

"Having Metal Mike as a mentor has enhanced my playing ability drastically! He was able to point out my errors immediately and teach me techniques like no other guitarist I have met." ... Tony G., NJ

"Mike helped me unlock my playing potential to a whole new level by showing me awesome licks, riffs and usable theory. There is no substitute for seeking face-to-face instruction from a world class player who has recorded and toured the globe with the all time greats." ... Alex H., NJ

"Thank you for the lesson. I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Already writing riffs that are inspiring me again!" ... Chris W., England

"Mike's instruction is a perfect blend of classic training and real world experience." ... Charles A., MD

 "One quick lesson with Mike has doubled my picking speed." ... Ben S., NJ

"You are a great inspiration and a source of knowledge." ... Sebastian S., Argentina


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